Asset Management and GIS: Some Procurement Considerations

Hello All, and thank you for your interest. I know you came here to read about asset management, so I want to explain why that isn’t here.
At the same time as Nathan and I published this article on our blogs, we also submitted it for publication in a GIS journal. We did not realize that such publications require the article to not be published anywhere else. In hindsight, this makes perfect sense. If the journal publishes the article, we will be able to repost on our personal blogs. This should happen within the next 1-2 weeks, so I encourage you to check back then.
I apologize for the confusion. It is a rookie mistake.

In the meantime, please take a look at this post about setting up a GIS for a small city. The post concerns evaluating what you have in the city, and thus, what you may want to track in your GIS. Much the same effort would be needed prior to implementing an asset management system. GIS For Small Cities – Step 1: Evaluating Your Organization

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