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Hi, Russell Mercer here. I believe that ethics and transparency are important in any business. On the web they are even more so. For that reason, I am disclosing that I’ve included certain products and links to those products on this site that I will earn an affiliate commission for any purchases that you make. My goal with this site and blog is to help educate you on the applications of GIS in practically any field, from government to non-profit, to small and large business, but please understand that I am doing this as a for-profit business.

There are a number of different affiliate links through this site. There are a lot of sites that offer a lot of different services on the web. I only have affiliate links for products and services that I already use and trust in my everyday business dealings.

Please note that I have not been given any free products, services or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them on the site. The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions. Affiliate commissions do not increase the cost of the products; you’d pay the same price either way.

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