Web Host

  • Opalstack – This host requires slightly more experience, but the payoff is a ton of space, lots of preinstalled apps, and highly responsive customer service.

GIS Research

  • GIS Stackexchange – This is a question and answer site designed to provide specific solutions to specific problems. It is extremely useful to look at not only the new question, but often answers and commentary


  • Nate Reifke – Saying he is a graphic designer doesn’t give him enough credit. He is an artist who uses whatever media he can get his hands on, and does incredible work, like my logo.


  • MeisterTask – Task Management Software. Well designed and developing task management software on the order of Trello and others. Allows for tracking of multiple projects as well as combined Kanban style board for day to day tasking. Try Meistertask
  • MindMeister – Mind Mapping software. Extensive options for layout of ideas in different diagram formats. Ability to link and import files to different sections and create links between areas. Mind Maps