QGIS – Loading Data

Accessing data in QGIS A few years ago now, I wrote a post covering adding vector layers to QGIS. Much time, development, and improvement has passed since then. Since the usefulness of QGIS increases proportionally with your ability to actually add data to it, it is time to revisit this topic. QGIS has a toolbar …

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QGIS – Vector Data Connection

Update – April 2017 Many things have changed with QGIS over the last few years since this post was written. I thought it worth the time to revisit the topic and expand its scope. Please take a look at my new post: QGIS – Loading Data —————– One of the major differences between many COTS …

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Open Source GIS Central –

Finding open source GIS software is as simple as a Google Search.  Of course, once you do that, sorting through the hundreds of returns to find something useful, is likely to be a challenge.  If you look at the results for “open source GIS”, the first would seem likely.  That site, however, hasn’t been updated …

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